The Book for IT Recruiters

Are you in a position where you need to confidently interact with IT people and better understand today’s corporate IT landscape?

Well, here is your survival guide!

The first book written specifically to meet the needs of IT recruitment consultants, HR professionals and business executives everywhere.

The Complete IT Recruitment Survival Guide will calmly steer you through the entire maze of key IT concepts in plain English. It will guide you through the jungle of terminology and acronyms with humour, stories and anecdotes, so that the ‘techies’ you speak with will assume you’ve been in the industry for years. The title is slightly misleading. Not just for those in IT recruitment, this is an invaluable easy-to-read handbook for all business executives and managers who simply wish to sound credible and comfortable when it comes to discussing all areas of IT strategy with members of the IT industry. Punctuated by cartoons by and bits of trivia, you’ll find yourself reading this in bed, and even relaying some of the stories over dinner parties.

About the Author

Ayub Shaikh is a renowned trainer, famous for having brought credibility, confidence and industry knowledge to thousands of business executives, IT recruitment consultants, HR professionals and resourcers through his training courses around the world. In the past Ayub himself was an accomplished IT recruiter in the financial heart of London and is now a mentor to some of the world’s largest IT recruitment consultancies. His company Holistica Consulting is the world’s only training company dedicated purely to teaching IT recruiters and resourcers all they need to know about the various IT vertical markets such as SAP, JAVA, C#, and Telecoms. Without doubt there is nobody more suited to writing the world’s first ‘survival guide’ for the IT Recruitment industry.
This is what Ayub says about himself in the introduction

You have to be a rare (and slightly strange) tri-part being to really enjoying writing a book like this. Firstly, you need to have an unhealthy passion for all things IT. Secondly you must sincerely enjoy imparting this knowledge to those from a sales/business/recruitment background, knowing that they aren’t necessarily as geek-ish as yourself. And thirdly you need to have had firsthand experience yourself of working in an IT or IT recruitment environment so that you know how much IT knowledge is just enough in order to come across as confident and credible when it matters. This is the path that I have had the great fortune of travelling. Not necessarily out of design but certainly out of love for all three areas.”

How to use the book

Hopefully you will soon find out that this is a guide like no other. Not a reference manual but an enjoyable reading experience full of anecdotes, historical perspective, fascinating stories, and even (dare we say) humour. In this handbook the author shares with you all of the knowledge and insight he have picked up as a seasoned IT analyst and an IT recruitment trainer over the last eighteen years. Constantly aware that you won’t always have the time or luxury of reading each chapter as a full narrative, you’ll want to jump straight in to the key bits of information that count prior to a meeting or an interview. For this reason at the beginning of each chapter is created a ‘Straight to’ grid to enable you to quickly leap frog to the key areas. As well as this most of the chapters relating directly to IT roles have been structured so that you can quickly jump to
The role in detail
Key responsibilities of this role
What we should see on their CVs
Key skills and characteristics
Interviewing tips for this role
Summary sheet for this chapter

“The most significant book to hit the world if IT recruitment in modern times, written by the most influential trainer in this area today. This will undoubtedly become the definitive IT recruiter’s bible and an essential instruction manual for all who are thinking of progressing within the field of IT recruitment.”

Simone Gregory, Personnel And Training Manager Hays Information Technology
‘THE COMPLETE IT RECRUITMENT SURVIVAL GUIDE’ consists of over 300 pages within its 20 chapters, and includes the following content:

SECTION 1: IT FUNDAMENTALS – Understanding Basic IT Principles

* An overview of the IT industry and how it all came about.

* All of the key IT concepts and jargon explained in lay terms.

* An in-depth explanation of IT architecture, Software, Operating Systems and IT Methodologies – in simple non-technical terms.


* The Evolution of IT ( With a number of chapters on much of the terminology used in IT today)

* The Evolution of the IT Department (A number of chapters dedicated to explaining the IT department and how IT roles evolved)


* Recruiting IT Directors (Including all of the terminology on CVs explained)

* Recruiting Business and Systems Analysts (Including all of the terminology on CVs explained)

* Recruiting Project Managers (and Programme Managers)

* Recruiting Technical Architects ( as well as Systems Architects and Enterprise Architects)

* Recruiting Java, C# and .NET Developers (Including chapters covering various programming languages, developers and what they do)

* Recruiting Front End Developers with VB.NET

* Recruiting Object Oriented Developers

* Recruiting Software Testers (Black box, white box, UAT, Functional and Structural)

* Recruiting Database Developers (A complete understanding of Oracle experts and the Oracle product range)

* Recruiting Networking Specialist

* Recruiting Helpdesk and Adminstration Roles

and much much more …

Each chapter is written with IT understanding and IT recruitment relevance in mind, and includes Interview questions and further techniques to help match candidates to jobs.

This is a hugely significant work for the IT recruitment industry and those from the business wishing to understand IT. But do not be daunted (those of you who are squeamish about IT jargon and terminology). Those who have attended Ayub’s training will immediately relate to the uniquely simple, passionate and even humorous ways in which he puts across very complex IT concepts and principals. And his now famous easy-to-understand teaching style continues into this ground breaking book. IT knowledge is delivered in a reassuring and relaxed way; and the stories, trivia, and anecdotes flow throughout.
This is an instruction manual like no other. With ‘The Complete IT Recruitment Survival Guide’ you have a constant, easy-to-understand yet knowledgeable companion as you tackle the murky waters of the world of IT recruitment.

Back Cover “This has been eagerly anticipated. An overview of the IT industry, it’s main concepts and roles in the clearest most enjoyable way possible. Drawing on his personal experiences as an IT recruitment consultant, and his formidable knowledge as an acclaimed trainer within the IT recruitment industry, Ayub is the one person who is perfectly qualified to compile this invaluable handbook for those who need to quickly become credible when dealing with people from the IT industry.”

Group MD, Lorien plc