Adecco Zurich and Lausanne

“Just had to email to say Thank You for the training last week to our offices in Switzerland. We had unanimous feedback that it more than exceeded our expectations. We look forward to having you back in.”

Daniel Jordi. Manager.
Adecco Lausane.

A key part of the Graduate Induction Scheme at Monarch Recruitment

“I just wanted to write and say thank you Holistica for a truly inspring two days. Ayub is the ‘Uomo Universalis’ of the IT world, a true expert who speaks with authority and enthusiasm. Not once during the course did I experience boredom, the man clearly knows what he is talking about, indeed it is no surprise that he coaches the coaches in blue chips!

Genius is the art of making complex subjects come across in a cohesive and cogent manner, without them losing their subtle nuances.  Ayub was able to condense extremely complex information without it losing anything in the translation. If anything the information became far more digestible in Ayub’s format.

I can only ascribe the most kind of epithets upon Ayub, not only did he aid in my understanding of the IT sector, he also provided important information pertaining to my job and the best route to pursue for my personal success. information which no doubt transcended the bounds of the sales floor. Holistica served a dual role, an epiphanic lesson in positivity, and simultaneously a lesson in IT. What a bargain price for the experience. !”

Jerome Wills, Consultant – Digital Markets, Monarch Recruitment

A key part of the Graduate Induction Scheme at Hays IT“A key part of our Graduate Induction Programme for new entrants, Holistica is unique in that they bring the topics of IT recruitment to life. The trainers are experienced IT specialist who have also been very successful IT recruiters. They instill so much passion and enthusiasm into their training, consultants invariably come out buzzing as if they have attended some sort of motivational seminar.”

Simone Gregory, Personnel and Training Manager, Hays Information Technolog

“I recently attended a training session with Ayub, called the IT Recruitment Masterclass. I thought the session was great but in particular Ayub’s delivery was excellent. He had the whole room enthralled from the start and I would definitely attend another session held by him again. He is very knowledgeable and personable and can turn any training session into something great.”

Stephanie Crosbie (AIRP) Rullion Computer Personell

“Ayub is the one of the best trainers I have ever had the privilege of working with. His enthusiasm and passion for the subject is infectious, and his delivery allows you to learn a lot of complex concepts in a short space of time. Without question I would always recommend him to my clients and colleagues”

James Davies, Client Development Manager, Lorien plc

Holistica running MBA’s Training Academy Across Europe“Holistica Consulting was orginally assigned to train our consultants in relation to understanding the IT recruitment industry (understanding the IT landscape, the technologies and IT roles). However as time went on it soon became apparent that there were clear additional benefits in the way Holistica not only motivated the sales team with their high-energy sessions, but also in the way they were able to tweak and customise delivery according to the needs of different teams and managers across our group.Since our initial encounter with Holistica, the relationship has continued to grow and strengthen, and has reached a point where we liaise regularly in order to continually develop an internal training programme at MBA which is second to none in the industry.”

Mike Garlick, CEO, Michael Bailey Associates

As recommended by the past Chair of REC IT Division“In Holistica Consulting we know we have a dedicated training provider who consistently delivers the highest quality of technical awareness training for our consultants. They play a significant role in motivating our teams and empowering them with the knowledge to differentiate themselves in an competitive market”Toni Cocozza, Past Chair of REC IT Division, Managing Director, DP Connect

Swiss campaign a success!


“I just wanted to say thank you for the training earlier this week – it was incredibly informative and I’m really looking forward to seeing how it will improve the way I am able to work with my candidates. However it has also changed the way I see IT in general and I am really interested to do some more research into the details of how a lot of the things we discussed actually work – particularly the languages area. I’m only sorry there wasn’t more time to really delve into the intricacies during the course!”

Beth Charles. Business Developer
Stamford Consultants


Ongoing Roll-out for Lorien’s Training Academy

“Holistica Consulting has successfully implemented a bespoke curriculum of modules, including technical awareness training on all vertical areas (SAP, Java, Networking, Telecoms etc) for our senior consultants. Having trained over 300 of our people they continue to be an essential compliment to our internal Lorien Training Academy which focuses on sales and people management skills. Without doubt Holistica provide valuable training for any IT recruitment organisation looking to nurture teams of credible, professional consultants in today’s market, on a professional and value for money basis.”

Ian Brookes, Group Managing Director, Lorien Resourcing plc

Vertical Training for DP Connect

“Just wanted to pay you your dues, I’ve moved on to the Java markets now and your training has allowed me to tackle it with open arms instead of utter blindness, I feel that your training course is deserving of a 10/10 and would highly recommend to anybody at any level of IT. Thank you Ayub for a truly inspiring and fun filled course!”

Robbie Kerr, IT Consultant, DP Connect

Achieving Investors in People for Vadis People“At Vadis People we believe strongly in ensuring that our consultants should be amongst the best trained and best prepared recruitment specialists in the industry. In applying for the ‘Investors In People’ accreditation we have had to show our ongoing commitment to quality training through our choice of an effective training provider for our consultants. Holistica Consulting was chosen to help us achieve this objective. They succeeded not just by providing a consistently high standard of on-going customizable technical training (which they continue to do) for our recruitment teams, but also by implementing the necessary mechanisms that help us to monitor how our teams are using their new-found knowledge in live field conditions.”
Adam Davis, Managing Director, Vadis People

The Recruiter’s Guide to Ecommerce – Jonathan Wren (Adecco)

“By far the best trainer to ever run a technical course! Clear, concise and well delivered.”
Adam Jones, Managing Consultant, Jonathan Wren

“Absolutely Fabulous! Its been extremely helpful. Roll on the next Holistica Training course!”
Clare Williams, Consultant, Jonathan Wren

The Recruiter’s Guide to E-commerce Fundamentals – Hays IT“Ayub was an extremely enthusiastic and lively trainer with real knowledge. Set with the right tone and the right speed. Very good for its delivery and overall picture of the e-commerce environment”
ER, Sales Manager E-commerce, Hays IT

The Recruiter’s Guide to IT Fundamentals – Hotlinks International

“Outstanding! Content superb. Delivery unmatched! Patient, thorough, clearly delivered with good examples and great sense of humour. Hugely relevant to recruitment. This training should be mandatory.”
Cat Ryan, Consultant, Hotlinks International

The Recruiter’s Guide to Telecoms – Parker Bridge

“Very Well Presented, well controlled, and honest. I and the team found this course cemented and hugely enhanced our understanding and should help springboard the consultants to greater success.”
Jake Warren, Division Manager, Parker Bridge

The Recruiter’s Guide to Software Development – Computer Connect

“Brought it all to life!.”
Mary Edwards, Director, Computer Connect

“Great! The trainer was lively and really knew his stuff.”
AA, Consultant, Computer Connect

The Recruiter’s Guide to Telecoms – Reed IT

“Pitched at just the right level, very well researched in subject matter. Has given me a far greater understanding of the market to enable me to develop the business.”
Richard Herring, Director of Operations, Reed Technology

“Very well delivered and imparted with humour. Professional and obviously highly knowledgeable”
NW, Regional Business Manager, Reed Technology

The Recruiter’s Guide to E-commerce – Public Even

“Totally relevant to my job. I’ll use this information every day. I can’t think of any way to improve this training – praise indeed! Thanks!”
Anna Handy, Consultant, Elgin Scott

The Recruiter’s Guide to Telecoms Fundamentals – Glotel (Amsterdam)

“Good technical explanations in “noddy” language that I could understand.”
VP, Resourcer

“Very clear and concise. explained concepts and terms which made them understandable.”
FM, Resourcer

“Very Good. Simply and wonderfully put across to everyone. Great overview of technical telecoms.”
JM, Resourcer

“Excellent expressions and body language. An excellent training style. Knows how to put it across in the right way. Very good explanations and visual examples.”
LP, Consultant

“Very concise. Set pace very well, very time efficient, held attention well, judged level well. Very informative and a good lead into course 2.”
Jim Priest, Regional Business Manager

The Recruiter’s Guide to IT Fundamentals – Harvey Nash plc

“Very helpful. Not too quick happy to deal with difficult issues. Clear and concise. A good overview of IT basic.”
MJ, Resourcer

“Very well explained. Very friendly. Asked questions and drew diagrams to explain complex concepts.”
AK, Resourcer

“Enthusiastic. Never let my mind wander”
CG, Resourcer
“Explained everything in an understandable way approachable.”
DS, Resourcer

The Recruiter’s Guide to IT Fundamentals – Hotlinks International

“I believe from a Tec Rec perspective it was very relevant and informative. Excellent!”
LM, Account Manager

“Very knowledgeable and interesting to listen to.”
DJ, Account Manager

“Excellent delivery, Knowledge, pace and relevance.”
RB, Tech Recruiter

“Good presentation and a very pleasant manner.”
DK, Account manager

“Energetic, honest, dynamic and knowledgeable.”
KD, Account Manager

The Recruiter’s Guide to IT Fundamentals – Kudos plc

“Happy to expand on areas in greater depth, even if it meant diverting from the agenda to ensure understanding. Very well presented and a good general spread of information.”
EL, IT Sales/Resourcer

“Explained in detail everything technical that I need to know which will help me in my daily working role. Kept us involved and was very interesting to listen to.”
AW, IT Trainer Consultant

“Ayub came across as being easy to approach. Explained things in a way that helped to understand topics covered.”
DP, IT Contract Consultant

The Recruiter’s Guide to IT Roles – Jonathan Wren

“Enthusiastic, a good overview, good metaphors, really knew his topic.”
SM, Contract IT

“Absolutely Fabulous! its been very very helpful. Roll on the next Holistica course.”
CW, Consultant

The Recruiter’s Guide to IT Roles – Vadis People

“Calm, related well. A friendly, good communicator and enthusiastic about subject.”
IB, Consultant

“Very informative, cleared up a number of issues I never knew before. As usual very helpful and easy to understand.”
WH, Consultant

“Very valuable. cleared up a lot of questions I had. Ayub explains things very clearly to you.”
MG, Administration/Coding

The Recruiter’s Guide to E-commerce – Millenium Recruitment

“Excellent intro to all areas. Very well structured.”
JC, Consultant

“Excellent in both content and delivery!”
Mike Hill, Director, Millenium Recruitment

The Recruiter’s Guide to Telecoms (Part 1 and 2) – INS Group

“Very enthusiastic, which was passed on to me and makes it more interesting.”
RW, Consultant

“Very well presented (visually and orally). Ayub’s energy and enthusiasm was infectious. took time to explain to slower delegates.”
DH, Consultant

“Constant enthusiasm. Ayub was attentive, positive and allowed interaction. Very important for tougher day 2.”
SM, Consultant

“I would like to express my appreciation for the great opportunity to attend this master class, my colleagues and I found this course to be of excellent benefit, the material and presentation style was of the highest level. We collectively agreed that this was one of the best presented courses we have attended.
The style of presenting by Ayub was just fantastic; he ensured a rather heavy subject was presented in a fun, educational and enjoyable manner, whilst remaining totally professional, we were kept totally interested and enthralled the entire day, I will remember the many stories of the course and connect the visual aids used to enable me to use this new found knowledge in my day to day role.
Again many thanks for your excellent pro-active support and I hope the course knowledge will benefit our resource searches together and provide me with a wider understanding of selecting proposed candidates in the future.
I will be ranting my praise and recommending this course to the wider core Fujitsu world.”
Barbara Boland, Resource Manager, Fujitsu Services

“Very interesting, enthusiastic and engaging. Gave me a better understanding and credibility within this area.”
Ingrid Smejkal, Recruitment Coordinator, Barclays Global Investment

“So much information, but it all sank in. Credit to Ayub’s delivery. Very motivational and passionate about IT. Allows a credible questioning of roles. Made me want to learn more. Kept me engaged the whole day”
Sharlene Gilbert, Recruitment Advisor, Fujitsu Services

“Very enjoyable. Not what I was expecting at all, but in a good way … this was a great way of learning. The training style is infectious and makes you want to learn more. Thank you for a brilliant day of training…  and I didn’t think I would be saying that about IT!”
Alex Massey, Recruitment Manager, Transport for London

“Really engaging. A really useful, lively event that gave a good overview. Everything learned will help at work.”
LC, HR Manager, Key Criterion Ltd

“Very knowledgeable and passionate about the subject. Gave an overall Holistica view of IT.”
GD, HR Manager, BUPA

“A highly enthusiastic trainer who consistently held my interest. Great.”
James Lees, Resource Planning and Application Manager, Centrica

“A couple of weeks on from attending a training course provided by Ayub, there have already been tangible benefits for the business with regards to technical and I.T recruitment. I feel much better placed from a HR perspective to partner with I.T line management in delivering resource requirements for their teams. I’ve found myself getting into technical conversations and not only understanding the basics but being able to participate and add to the dialogue.
On a personal level Ayub delivered one on the best training days I have attended, making a potentially ‘dull’ subject come to life. I recommend his services to anyone who wishes to understand the basics of IT (particularly HR Business Partners within technical organisations) or organisations who are going to embark on a I.T/technical recruitment campaign.”
Michael Cooper, Recruitment Advisor (Interim), Skipton Building Society

My feedback is really to say that my initial reason for signing up to the course was a “need to” rather than a “want to” .but having attended Ayub’s session I have to say I genuinely found it interesting lively & engaging – Ayub is one of the best presenters I have ever experienced at a training event, not only is his presentation incredibly polished but he is passionate about what he does & has a fantastic sense of humour which goes a long way in making the subject matter so interesting.
Amanda Deaves, HR Manager, Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners

“On the 7th June 2011, I attended an IT Recruitment Masterclass delivered by Ayub. This course was engaging, interesting, informative, well tailored and fun! He managed to strip down a very technical and jargon-heavy subject and reveal the meaning in a language I understood. He also supplemented the course with very interesting anecdotes which I have been sharing with anyone willing to listen ever since! I strongly recommend Ayub for any HR function wishing to become intelligible recruitment partners to their IT function.”
Angela Stebbings, Recruitment Consultant, Lowell Group

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