The report is free and aimed at all IT recruiters, HR and similar professionals who need to sound credible in 2017. You can download it from here. Here’s a flavour of what the report contains.



Okay, the dreaded first week is out of the way. The crisp white lights of the office don’t seem as harsh anymore as you settle back at your desk. Christmas is a lingering memory and Easter eggs have been spotted pushing up against the last of the mince pies in the supermarkets. Firstly, let me wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. Secondly, let me remind you. It’s that time again!

Time for managers, consultants and resourcers everywhere to regroup and rethink what they might need to focus on for the coming year in terms of what is going to be hot as an IT skillset. This report is designed to highlight in clear, lay terms some of the technologies that are on the rise.It is designed for people within HR and IT recruitment who interact with technology experts during their working day, and who frankly, just need to look good (read ‘credible’).

As always a myriad of new acronyms and wannabe concepts have hit the landscape in 2016, and as always from a recruitment perspective, the target has been furiously darting around like a blue-bottle on Mephedrone. But, like never before, IT has become increasingly more the focus of attention for so many vital sectors both at the enterprise and a consumer level. So much so that we now have fairly clear consensus amongst all of the experts on the technologies and trends that are going to shape 2017.

The actual full report goes into detail but this article should give you a feel for how it can help in day to day parlance with IT people. For your convenience, I’ve split the report into two sections. Firstly what the big IT consultancies think, and secondly what is really being experienced by recruiters on the ground. Let’s go!

Section 1: What the IT Consultancies are saying

This section of the report goes in to the technology terms that are shaping the lexicon within the likes of Gartner, Forrester and Accenture when they describe forthcoming trends and forecasts. This section reflects their consensus view about the new leading techs to watch out for, and of course these are very useful terms to bring into conversation with the senior IT crowd. These are also technologies that are being touted as the new kids on the block and are the potential paradigm changers. Concepts which absolutely must be known by anyone interacting with IT personnel at a strategic level. The fact that you seem to even be aware of the stuff mentioned in this section, will astonish and amaze, and can be devastating in in the right situation.

These include

1)        Internet of Things (IoT)

2)        Device Mesh

3)        Information of Everything

4)        Cloud Security

5)        Smart Wearables

6)        Microservices and Containerization

7)        Blockchain

8)        Machine Learning and AI

In the downloadable pdf each of the above items is explained in clear terms and geared to a recruitment perspective.

In the report I also outline each of these key technologies in more detail and offer descriptions and quick primers where I see fit.

Quick Factoids for better understanding


Within the report, for some of the newer concepts, I have included simple descriptions which should help when speaking with IT candidates about the latest trends. And also highlight (as I have done here) some rising topics.




Section 2: IT Recruitment at the Coal Face in 2017

This section of the report is a snapshot of notable entrants and exits from the technology ‘pop charts’ as experienced at the candidate and role level. These are the technologies which may not be listed on the consultancy hype cycles as being leading edge, but from a recruitment perspective they are on the rise and in real demand at the CV and recruitment level.

I have listed these within the key verticals of

•         Languages

•         Infrastructure

•         Database and BI

•         Web Development

•         Approaches and Methods

Again the report explains in clear simple terms what a recruiter needs to be aware of in each of these areas as shown below

This includes topics such as:

– JavaScript, CSS and NodeJS

– What’s happening with Infrastructure in 2017?

– What is Device Mesh Hardware?

– Cloud and IaaS.

– What’s happening with Data?

– What is Big Data?

– Primer: What is Business Intelligence?

– What’s happening in the world of Web Development?

– Data Scientists and Data Analysts

Finally within the report I have written a brief explanation of the changing nature of approaches and development philosophies which affect IT. These cover areas such as Agile and DevOps.

I’m sure, if you’re in IT recruitment, you’ll find this a useful read for confidently interacting with IT candidates and clients at any level. It’s free so please share, let colleagues know, and do feedback if it helped.

Download the full report from here.


Ayub Shaikh.